Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Atkinson, Nebraska Lifestyle and Art Photographer: Celebrating The Teen Identity! Looking For 2011/2012 Spokes Models!

Today was my first day back to school following winter break, and though it was extremely busy, and the whole server crashed while I was trying to finalize grades leaving me unable to get them in on time, my students walked into my classroom with smiles on their faces, and a cheerful "Hi Mrs. G!  How was your Christmas?"  All desires to pound my head on my desk from the other issues I was having ceased.  Though there are times where I get frustrated, I know that it was my calling to be a high school teacher. Though there are stories of tragedy that involve teens, like the one just today about the Millard school shooting, I really believe that our youth have something positive to contribute in this world.

The most powerful lessons I have learned as a teacher have come from my students.  I have witnessed them stand up for what they believe in, even though it wasn't an easy thing to do.  I have witnessed them stand up for someone else because they knew it is the right thing to do.  I have witnessed the excitement in their eyes when they worked really hard to achieve a goal that has a significance that I may not understand...I am humbled because I remember that nothing that takes work and dedication is trivial.

In my class this year we are exploring Critical Consciousness and how to be Agents of Change.   These are really important areas of study for our teens.  One explores the areas of oppression that exist in our world, and the other explores our power to do something about those oppressive elements...the goal being to help our students see that they have the power to, in the words of Ghandi, "BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD". After hearing yet another story today about a school shooting, it drives me more toward my goal.  I want to help empower students to be that change.  My hope for them is that they can find the strength to do all they can disprove misconceptions that tragedies like this create about our youth today.

I am hosting a call for 2011/2012 Teen Spokes Models.  I would love to share stories of students who are inspirations in our communities.  I am not necessarily speaking of only teens who are involved in activities, or get the best grades in the class.  While those things are valuable and important, I am looking for students who are fun, outgoing, sociable, and adventurous...BUT, MORE THAN THAT, I am looking for students who show  character, dedication, compassion, loyalty, and most importantly... humanity toward others.  

Yes, part of this is to promote my business, but more so , my goal is to illustrate what it means to be a role model for others.

If you feel that you fit the qualifications and are interested in applying to be a spokes model, please go to the link below, view the attached slide show, and follow the instructions at the end.

Thanks for inspiring me!  I look forward to hearing from you!


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