Monday, January 17, 2011

Atkinson, NE Lifestyle and Art Photographer: "Under the Texas Sun" Photo Walk with Eric John

In my photography journey, I have learned one thing that has more measure of importance that anything I will ever learn.  No amount of money spent on equipment, props, or software will EVER replace the knowledge gained by investing in education.  This applies to everything one does in life, not just least in my opinion.  I SO sound like a teacher...sorry!  I can't help it!  :D  Seriously though, isn't that true?  I have found out that I have to CONSTANTLY evolve as a mother, as a wife, as a teacher, and now, as a photographer.  I am ALWAYS going to be a student, and I really love that!

Over the last few days, I have learned that running a photography business is actually a lot more like being a classroom teacher than what I thought.  Investing in the experience of PPA and Imaging USA has opened my eyes further to the artistic possibilities out there in this industry, and it has cautioned me further about the traps one can easily fall into as a business owner if not careful.  Mastering the craft and refining one's artistic vision, along with knowing how to run a successful business are of utmost importance.  It is HARD work to do this, but, being a teacher, I know that it is a necessary challenge, and I am SO ready for it!

In photography, learning how to do things RIGHT the first time will always transcend having the ability to "fix" it later  My friend October and I had the opportunity to join Eric Anundi of Eric John Photography on an amazing photo walk today!  With all of the information I had been absorbing, I was so excited to actually get out there and download my new ideas into artistic implementation!  His GORGEOUS assistant Katie was our model for the walk, and On One Software sponsored it.  We wandered around locations that would be easy to pass by while looking for the "right" one...the prettiest one, the one with pretty greenery, or with the "cool" architecture. Instead, we looked for "the light", and concentrated on MAKING an image, not just taking a picture..  Here are just a few images I had time to get to this evening.

Thanks for doing this On One and Eric, it was really awesome!


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