Saturday, March 6, 2010

Atkinson, Nebraska Lifestyle and Art Photographer: Project 52 Week 9 and 10: OCF and Lifestyle Photography Fun!

So, one of the occupational traits of a teacher is the liklihood of one to have spurts of craziness in terms of schedule. The last two weeks have illustrated this tendency, so as a result, yes I know, I got behind on my Project 52. I am hoping to not let it happen again, but until Prom 2010 is over, I can't guarantee it. I am going to do my best though.

In the last two weeks I did have the privilege of getting to experiment with Off Camera Flash using one of my beautiful students (S). Despite the fact that it was 17 degrees outside, she rocked the 20 minute shoot. That 20 minutes was eventful as, we were being observed by the owner of an old drive in movie theater, I fell in a snowbank, and the sub-zero winds kept taking out my bounce umbrella. In spite of these things, we got some great shots. This one is my favorite, because I love me some sun flare!

I also help sponsor our school's "Hot Shots", our newly formed photography club. The challenge our club completed this week was photojournalism, so we journeyed around the school documenting pre-school activities. Not pre-school as in age, but pre-school as in time. This was a great time to capture students "doing what they do". I got this shot of one of the seniors (K) arriving at her locker and sorting through what she needed that day. Perhaps a mundane story, but it is the story of most students' arrival at school. I love this shot for the compositional lines and the trail of light created by the fluorescent lights above and reflecting off the tiles on the floor.

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