Sunday, February 21, 2010

Atkinson Nebraska Lifestyle Photographer: Precious Moments...I Heart Faces Challenge {Hands}

I was asked to photograph a little girl's 3rd birthday party. It was my first time capturing such an event. What made it all the more special was the fact that I was able to help capture a special day for her father, who is stationed in Iraq. The party was wonderful, and we all had so much girly fun! This little princess's mother is the birthday party queen! One of the stations was nail painting, and grandmas were in charge of painting all the little girls' nails. How precious is this! This week over at I Heart Faces, the challenge was photographing hands. I thought of this photo because of the nostalgic emotion it evokes from me. I remember when my Grandma Sally used to paint my nails and I would help her "put on her face". Moments like these are so precious!


  1. What a very special picture Katrina. I really love it : ) You can tell there is a whole story from the very first glimpse!

  2. Love the mix of old and new hands....and love the girlishness of nail painting! Sweet capture!

  3. what a great idea having the grandma's do the nails! Great photo


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