Sunday, March 21, 2010

Project 52 Week 11-13: Returning After Unintended Hiatus- Atkinson, Nebraska Lifestyle and Art Photographer

So, this will be a mass posting (ugh, I HATE it when I get behind), but in the spirit of just offering pitiful excuses... it is an occupational hazard when you are a wife, mother, full time teacher, AND working on your business. I HAVE been taking LOTS of photos...I just haven't blogged them. So, here you go!

We had (hopefully) our last snow. My son Carter wanted to get bundled up, so we went outside and I got some shots of him trying to get the massive snowflakes on his tongue. He was having so much fun! The snow was falling so gently, and my dogwood tree cupped a delicate little drift so beautifully!

Spring is upon us, so I decided to offer a spring mini photo shoot for anyone who wanted to get some sweet captures of their little ones (or big ones LOL). This little guy was my first visitor, and man, was he full of energy! He was so darn cute, and we got some great captures of his personality. This one is my personal favorite!

My boys and I went to the homestead this weekend to visit, and on the way home, I got the chance to use my new 28-75mm 2.8. The sunset was gorgeous, and just waiting to be captured! It is so peaceful, and these images remind me how blessed I am to be able to enjoy God's amazing creations.

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