Wednesday, June 22, 2011

North Central Nebraska Photographer: World Travels- Part 1

I was finally able to get through all my trip images, process most of them, and get back through my travel journal today.  In preparing to leave for another week, I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I knew that June would be crazy for this family, and I did my best to prepare for it, but it is catching up with me.  1 more week to push through, and I will be back home with my family!  I have thoroughly enjoyed my experiences thus far, and I am excited to share with you!

I went back and forth FOREVER about taking my beloved SLR with me, but when it came down to it, it was was having the right tool for the occasion.  Because of our schedule and travel conditions, it just wasn't the thing to do.  So, I bought myself a great little Point and Shoot camera and learned how to use it on the bus going to Omaha.  I have to admit that I cheated on my Nikon with a Canon S95, but what can I say, Canon had the edge on Point and Shoot models, and after seeing the comparison my photog friend Khara Plicanic did between the G11 and the S95, well, I was sold.  :D  It was a great camera for the job!

Part 1:  London

(Excerpt from my journal) The plane is about to land in London after an exhausting day.  I was not successful in sleeping on the plane, and though I am thoroughly exhausted, the excitement of the journey we are about to embark upon will keep me going.  I wish I would ahve been able to take a picture of the sunrise, it lit up the other side of the plane with hues of orange and red.  Glorious!  I NEED COFFEE!

 Our group has been awake for almost 36 hours.  Today we met Betthina, our spunky, eclectic tour director.  She is lots of fun, talks very fast, and knows her stuff. 

We experienced a walking tour and a bus tour of downtown London, a lunch of fish and chips, and a visit to the London Tower, Trafalgar Square, and St. Paul's Cathedral.  I am in AWE.  Though I missed the changing of the guard, Westminster Abbey, and Buckinham Palace, I saw it on the fly as I ran from the train to meet up with a group after staying behind to accompany a sick student back to the hotel. The architecture and history is amazing, and I wish I could fully appreciate it, but I think I was in a  sleep deprived daze.

Yummm, Hummus Bros. for dinner!

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  1. (I think some of my comments errored out on the other days...I am getting these from my reader and backwards at that!)

    Your pictures are just amazing and BEAUTIFUL!!!! You did such a great job capturing the times and places of all of your travels! What neat memories to have!


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