Monday, August 23, 2010

Atkinson, Nebraska Lifestyle and Art Photographer: Illustrating Identity: "This Is Me" Photo Shoot- Session 2 {Haley and Jennifer}

Meet Haley and Jennifer.  They are BFFs.  

These two young ladies volunteered to be part of my “This Is Me” back to school photo project, and we had a blast.  After a rough start due to the fact that my camera got damaged, we managed to find a time to get together to create these beautiful images.  Let me tell you a little about these gals.

I know Jennifer from church.  Living here for 6 years, I have watched her grow into the young lady she is now.  She is active in her youth group, and she is a young lady who is willing to serve and help out those in need.  As I was taking photos, I was able to capture her bright smile, and after I snapped a few, she asked “was I wrinkling up my nose?”  I said “yes, and it was perfect!”  I just loved her sense of humor and willingness to be silly!

Now meet Haley.  I also know her from church, and unfortunately, I became more familiar with her when her mother, our church Secretary, passed away almost 2 years ago.  I have been amazed at the strength of this young lady.   When I asked her how she has managed to get through what she has endured over the last 2 years, she said that she was blessed to have friends like Jennifer to help her deal.  What a blessing indeed.

These two illustrate the cowgirl attitude and style.  From their colorful boots, to their clapping gid-ee-yap game they play while walking down the aisles of a local store, show us just how liberating it is to be themselves. 

Thanks for sharing your stories girls, you ROCK!


  1. Beautiful girls. Love the boots!!

  2. Beautiful pictures! You really did caputure their personalities and inner beauty!!

  3. Beautiful pictures, beautiful girls.


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