Wednesday, June 22, 2011

North Central Nebraska Photographer: World Travels- Part Vier {Germany}


On our way to Germany, we stopped in Liechtenstein at  Neuschwanstein Castle.  Home of the famed King Ludwig, a patriot of the arts, and a devout (or obsessed) follower of composer Richard Wagner., the palace was created to pay homage to Wagner, and though it was never finished, it was truly amazing to see his vision and passion.  Just days after being forced from the throne, Ludwig was found dead in a lake.  Whether it was suicide or an accident, we don't know...but the legend lives on to this day, and the castle inspired the famous Walt Disney castle design.


Germany is amazing.  The city is beautiful, clean, and a perfect mix of modern and historic.  So much of it was destroyed during the war that many of the buildings had be reconstructed to emulate what they used to look like.  We explored it by bus and bike, and I really felt at home here.

We first stopped by the Bavarian Royals' palace.  Modeled after Versailles, this palace boasted large gardens, sculpture, and beautiful landscaping.  It was gorgeous!

 The main shopping square was so beautiful.  With farmer's produce stands everywhere, beer stands, and more shops than I could ever visit, it was a fun way to spend our few hours of free time.  I ventured into a basement restaurant with one of the other chaperones, and much to our delight, we discovered Nebraska Beef as a featured entree on the menu!  

Later, we were able to explore the beautiful cathedrals of Munich.  There are no words to describe their beauty.

Finally, we ended our last day with a bike tour of the city.  Mike's Bike Tours was the perfect way to see the city.  


  1. I am enjoying these so much! You are bringing me back to my childhood. My favmily and I lived in Heidelberg Germany when I was younger and we traveled to all these wonderful places. I miss it so much. Bavaria is one of my favorite places to be...Switzerland isn't far behind. They are all great shots.


  2. Incredible shots!! Looks like you had an amazing trip!! Those cathedrals are magnificent!!

  3. love the photo of the old woman in the cathedral. it captures so much.


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