Sunday, May 15, 2011

North Central Nebraska Art Photographer: Lilacs...

Fall is my favorite season, but May is my favorite month.  So many of God's wonders emerge and unfurl from the earth; it is truly magical.  Calves frolic in the pastures, which are beginning to green.  Fawns prance across the meadows trailing behind their mothers. The robins bathe in the sprinklers, which are finally being turned on in freshly cut lawns.  The air is perfumed with my favorite aroma; lilacs.

Lilacs hold a special meaning to me.  They take me back to my childhood, when my siblings and I would run to the tree line north of our house and cut the wild ones for my mother.  Never deterred by the fact that they only lasted a day and made a mess, we diligently collected them to put in the carved glass vase in the center of the kitchen table.  We would cut them to lay on the tombstones of our family members in the cemetery that was just 1/4 mile up the road and then deliver the rest to my Great Grandmother, Hetty; she always praised us for bringing her the messy bouquets of aromatic blooms.  The lilac bushes that surrounded the old homestead would bloom too, adding to the mystery of my family's story, the ones who once inhabited the house I used to love to explore as a child.

It was only natural that I asked my husband to help plant a lilac hedge around the perimeter of our backyard.  This evening, as the sun was beginning to fade, I took my camera out to the backyard, where the lilac buds are just beginning to unfurl...and I instantly return to my childhood. I smile to myself as I begin to snap away.

I also had to make a few images of my African Daisies.  My son helped pick them out today at the green house, and as soon as we got them planted he said "mom, can you take a picture of them please?".   I was happy to oblige.  :D


  1. Sweet, sweet images that just sing Spring! And, gotta love it when the little ones ask us to take photos!

  2. Beautiful story and images. They are one of my favorites as well & remind me of my childhood.


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