Friday, March 4, 2011

Atkinson, Ne Lifestyle and Art Photographer: I Heart Faces "Fix It Friday"

One of my FAVORITE things about offering Custom Photography to my clients is that I get to make photographs into art pieces.  Sometimes it is easy to get pulled into the thought that images would be better if one only had that "big fancy camera".  Truth be told, it is all about knowing how to rock what you have.  Some of my favorite images were actually taken with my old Canon S10 IS Point and Shoot camera.  You can create some pretty amazing images with those little cameras!

Here is an example of one of my FAVORITE images I made with that little point and shoot camera.  Disabling the flash, slowing down the shutter, and finding a sturdy surface all play important roles in how a low light photo turns out.  Because of the environment and the vintage feel of the context and lighting, I decided that a Black and White conversion suited this image.  This was taken back in May 2009 before I owned an SLR camera.

The next part of custom photography is about taking a great image Straight Out Of Camera and using enhancement tools to make that image sing.  I love clean edits on my images, but sometimes, one has to look at the context of the image's environment to help determine what kind of processing suites and image best.

Today is Fix It Friday over at I Heart Faces, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share how custom editing plays a super important role in image making.  By "Fix It" they simply mean to take an already great SOOC image and make it ROCK!

So, here is my illustration of what custom editing can do for an already great image!  This is the kind of editing process I use on my Urban images.  This image was provided by Dana Suggs.

Here is an already technically sound SOOC image.

My Urban Edit:  Curves Adjustment, Color Adjustment, Contrast and Levels Adjustment, Vignette, and Clarity Layer.

Urban BW Conversion.  Convert to BW and Tonal Adjustments. 

Here you go!  Thanks for lending us such a ROCKIN Image to play with for I Heart Faces "Fix It Friday"!.


  1. Your Urban Processed edit, it awesome! Brings out the colours really well and th B&W gives the shot a real grungey a good way :) Great work!

  2. Thanks for looking Emma! :D It was a fun image to process!

  3. Ooo...nice and dirty!
    Love your edits.


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