Saturday, March 19, 2011

Atkinson, Ne Lifestyle and Art Photographer: Personal Creative Challenge...Recreation Without Imitation

I love to photograph things that have a story or a purpose in them (even if I am the only one who sees what is behind the image). Most recently, I have been reading a lot on how I can be a better support for the young ladies that I teach.     I love working with teens, and I love the connection that I have with many of my students.  Graduation is getting near, and I am already a bit emotional at the prospect of a few of them leaving!  

As a creative challenge for a workshop I am taking, we had to choose a photograph that inspires us and re-create it without imitating it.  I love being challenged, and, as I ask my students to examine an author's vision and purpose, to try new styles, and to be inspired by others' ideas without copying them...well,  I thought this was a timely exercise for myself.  

There are so many wonderful images out there that I love, but I kept coming back to an image that I can't forget.  

In 1984 “The Girl With the Green Eyes” was published on the front of National Geographic. This young lady was only 12 or so years old at the time. I have NEVER been able to forget that image. To me, it was such a beautiful juxtaposition of innocent beauty and hardship. The beauty of her eyes translates a steadfast determination, and the color of her hijab creates a beautifully contrasting frame. The dirt on her face and clothing, along with the torn fabric show the context of this image, and the hardness in her eyes elicits a strength and fierceness. I decided to use that image as my inspiration for my photograph this week. I really wanted to capture the youthful, innocent beauty of teen girls. So many try to grow up so fast.

I wanted to try to capture youthful, unadulterated, beauty. 

So, HERE is think to the image that inspired me. So haunting... 

And, here are the images that we created.  A huge thanks to my two lovely students who helped their teacher with HER homework!  :D


  1. These are such gorgeous shots and are totally perfect for that assignment and your inspiration! I love it!

  2. Beautiful images you've captured here, and that last one is absolutely stunning!

  3. WOW!! Beautiful photos of beautiful ladies.


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