Sunday, October 17, 2010

Atkinson, Nebraska Llifestyle and Art Photographer Sneak Peek: "I Thee Wed" {Adam and Amber}

Congratulations Amber and Adam!  Thank you so much for asking me to capture your big day!

 Several months ago, I sat down with Adam and Amber to talk about their day.  They were such a fun and loving couple; it immediately got me excited to work with them! Amber wanted a journalistic approach to their big day, as they aren’t really a formal couple, and I was happy to oblige, as telling stories through images is something that I love to do!  Here are just a few from their big day!

Stylists from The Mane Event did an AWESOME job on these ladies' hair!  Just gorgeous!

HELLO GORGEOUS!  Her shoes were SO her!

Later this summer, Amber and I met in Omaha, to chat about the details over coffee at Borders.  She told me the story about how she and Adam met.  It was meant to be.  Even after she kicked him and his friends out of the bar, they managed to find each other again!  In the salon yesterday, she then filled me in on how he proposed.  On her birthday, after making her think he had not planned anything special (making her hopping mad in the meantime)…he surprised her with a simple card expressing his desire to spend the rest of his life with  her.  Turning around to see him there with a ring, she forgot her anger about his lack of birthday planning, as it was obvious that it had been a ploy to throw her off from his REAL plans.  How cute is that!


I SO enjoyed spending all day with them yesterday.  They are such a fun-loving couple, and their wedding party and families were awesome to work with.  Here are just a few images from the day yesterday.  Congratulations Adam and Amber!  Here’s to spending the rest of your lives together!  May it be filled with bliss!

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