Sunday, October 31, 2010

Atkinson, Ne Lifestyle and Art Photographer: Sneak Peek- {Little Miss P.}

Wow!  What an absolutely gorgeous little girl!  It has been a while since I have had a little girl in my studio, so I was really excited to capture this adorable beauty. Little Miss P. is just 2 weeks old, but she is a busy girl!  I am always amazed at how strong little babies are, even at that delicate age.  I had to post th first image because it is the first time I have gotten to use my new (old, very old) prop.  This little baby buggy belonged to my Grandmother, MaryBell, when she was just a little girl.  Grandma is now 90 years old, so, well, you can do the math!  I wanted so badly to be able to document this special buggy in use, and so when Becky called about scheduling her baby girl's session, I made sure it was ready to go.  

She was not the least interested in sleeping during our session, but we managed to make a few images with her in a peaceful slumber.

Bright baby eyes are so lovely, and the light of the dining room window streaming in just captivated her.

She is such a precious bundle, and we had a lot of fun!  Thanks for bringing in your sweet baby girl Chris and Becky!  She is absolutely perfect! 

Thanks for coming to play Miss P.  You are as cute as you can be!

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