Monday, September 6, 2010

Atkinson, Nebraska Llifestyle and Art Photographer: Sneak Peek: {Eric, Shannon, and Family}

So, this weekend was our family's ranch party extravaganza.  That means that all my family, whom I don't get to see NEAR enough, came back to celebrate!  There was lots of work being done, but Saturday night, I got to play hookie for just a little while for this fun shoot.  This is my cousin Eric, his GORGEOUS wife Shannon, and their 3 darling little ones.  They drove all the way from Minnesota to come help us celebrate this weekend, and I was so excited when Shannon asked if I would capture some special images for them.

These kiddos made me laugh so hard!  They were so inquisitive about ranch life, they were so loving toward eachother, and most of all, they are so in love with their mommy and daddy...just as their mommy and daddy were OBVIOUSLY head over heels for their kiddos.

 After finishing up at our first location, I took them over to "the west place" because the sunset was gorgeous, and it lit up the hill with it's golden rays.  As the kids rolled in the knee high brome grass, I was able to sneak a few captures of Eric and Shannon having just a few moments to themselves.  What a beautiful couple, and what beautiful kids.

Thank you for coming all the way to Nebraska to see us you guys, and thank you for letting me make some beautiful images of your family!

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